Balkan U13 Games – Part 2


The second day of the U13 Balkan Games saw more athletes who had travelled to Timisoara in Romania taking part and we had another medal!

First up was our athlete in the -52Kg Marina Azinou. She received a bye in her first contest and came up against the athlete from Turkey who she beat with an Ippon. Next up was an athlete from Romania who she beat with a Waza-Ari and this put her into the final where she came up against another athlete from Romania.  Marinia took just 20 second the throw her opponent with an Ippon and take the GOLD medal.

In the same category was Maria Michael who had an opponent from Bosnia Herzegovina in the first contest who she threw for an Ippon. In her second contest against the athlete from Greece she fought a very close match, but lost with a Waza-Ari. This put her in the Repechage. She went down to a Waza-Ari early on in the contest, but came back to level the scores with her own Waza-Ari. The other athlete then threw her for a second score and she lost with Waza-Ari Awazete Ippon.  This still gave Maria SEVENTH place.

Markelos Ioannou was in the -46Kg category where he came up against the athlete from Turkey.  It took two Waza-Ari for a Waza-Ari Awazete Ippon to beat him, but Markelo proceeded to the next round where he came up against the athlete from Romaina.  Markelo lost this by a Waza-Ari, but went into the Repechage against an athlete from Greece. Markelo fought well in a close contest, but in the end, he lost again by a Waza-Ari giving him SEVENTH place overall.

Along with the fifth place yesterday from Mariam Kotzia this gave us one first place Gold, one fifth place and two seventh places.

A very good showing in the U13 Balkan Games by our young athletes who had made the trip to Romania and a very good indication of what the future has in store for Cyprus Judo.

Accompanying the athletes were Club Coaches Neoklis Skouroumounis from Larnaca and Piero Leonida from Limassol.

Well done to all our athletes!

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!