Junior European Judo Cup - Ponzan, Poland

Georgios (blue) in action

Georgios (blue) in action

Representing Cyprus at the Junior European Judo Cup in Poznan, Italy this weekend was our athlete in the -90 Kg category, Georgios Krussanotakis from the Kyrenia Judo Union. The competition had 113 male athletes from 19 countries.

First up for Georgio was Bartosz Mackowski from Poland. Georgio scored a Waza-Ari and then towards the end of the four minutes an Ippon and proceeded to the next stage.

Gere he met Moritz Moser from Austria who Georgio beat in just over a minute with an Ippon.

In his third contest, Georgios came up agains Eniel Caroly from France, an athlete who had already got Gold at the Paks Junior European Cup this year and a very experienced athlete. After 54 seconds, Georgio was thrown for Ippon, but as Caroly went on to the final, Georgio went to the Repechage.

His frist contest there was against Kacper Kubiak from Poland. Although Georgio received 2 Shido penalties, he went on to win by Ippon half way through the fourth minute.

Next up was Martn Bezdek from the Czech Republic. Georgio scored a Waza-Ari, but in the ned lost with Ippon.

Georgio’s efforts earned him 7th place and a very respectable result against some very experienced European athletes and one again did Cyprus proud - well done Georgio!

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