Cadet European Judo Cup Chania 2019


This weekend saw the Cadet European Cup take place for the first time in in Chania, Crete with 114 athletes from 18 nations.

Cyprus was represented with 20 athletes – 14 men and 6 women.

As there are a lot of athletes, we will just list them with their progress (W=Win / L=Loss)

First the Men

Petros Christodoulides -50Kg
W/W/W – 1st place - GOLD

Andreas Antoniou -55Kg

George Kalaitsides -55Kg
W/L/W – 3rd place BRONZE

Christoforos Charalambous -60Kg

Marios Charalambous -60Kg
W/L/L – 9th place

Minas Georgiou -60Kg
L/L – 9th place

Georgios Balarjishvili -66Kg
W/W/W/W - 1st place - GOLD

Thefoanis Charalambous -66Kg

Panagiotis Markou -66Kg
W/L/W/L – 7th place

Christos Georgiou -66Kg

Orthodoxos Spantios -66Kg

Paris Solonos -73Kg

Filippos Giasoumi -81Kg
L/L – 7th place

Odysseas Georgakis -90Kg
W/W/W 1st Place – GOLD

Now the Women

Elena Dimitriou -48Kg

Charis Iordanou -48Kg
W/W/W/W – 1st place - GOLD

Erato Charalambous -57Kg
L/L - 7th place

Diana Dimitriou -63Kg
L/W/L – 5th place

Maria Livadiotou -63Kg
L/L - 7th place

Janet Michaelidou +70Kg
W/W/W 1st Place – GOLD

History was written this weekend!

With 5 Gold, Cyprus took the FIRST PLACE at the championship.

For some of our athletes, this was their first taste of international competition at European level competing with athletes from other countries and for them it was a great experience.  The medals showed that we are getting better and starting to hold our own with other countries.

To all the athletes we thank you – once again, you did us proud!

The Federation would al so like to thank the coaches that accompanied the athletes especially National Coach Lavrentis Alexanides.

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!