Cadet European Judo Cup Cluj-Napoca 2019


Judoka were in action again at the Cadet European Cup in Cluj-Napoca in Romania this past weekend.

Petros Christodoulides in the -50Kg category, Andreas Antoniou and Georgios Kalaitsidis in the -55Kg category, Panagiotis Shakkos in the -73Kg category and Janet Michelidou in the female +70Kg category. Accompanying them was Stanislav Jankovic, Sports Director of the Federation.

The competition is seen as a tough European competition with 341 male and 222 female competitors.

Janet Michaelidou was the highest ranked athlete from Cyprus – she won her first contest with an ippon against Irina Zhelezarska from Bulgaria and then lost to Oxana Diacenco from Moldova in her second.  She battled on in the Repechage to beat Bianca Suciu from Romania and then narrowly lost to Valeryia Khrushchova from Belarus after scoring first with a waza-ari.

Andreas Antoniou lost his first contest by a waza-ari to Nicolae Muntenu from Moldova.  Georgios Kalaitsidis lost by ippon to Idan Fridman from Israel in his first contest and Panagiotis Shakkos narrowly lost to Dan Stanila from Moldova who scored an ippon after both athletes had scored waza-ari.

Petros Christodoulides won his first contest against Daniel Kuznetzov from Israel with a great ippon, but in his second contest against Uladzisiau Mardusevich fell foul to some questionable refereeing that meant he was eliminated with 3 shido penalties.

All our athletes did us proud once again.

Some photos from the camping/training in the days that followed the competition.