Balkan U13 Games - Romania


One of our up-and-coming young talents Mariam Kotzia from the Skouroumounis Judo Club of Larnaca was in action this week in Romania at the Under 13 Balkan Games.

Mariam competed in the -28Kg category with athletes from Romania, Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

After winning her first contest Mariam then lost to the Romanian athlete and went into Repechage where she first fought the athlete from Greece who she beat and went to contest for third place with another athlete from Romania.  Mariam fought well, but in the end lost after an exciting and well fought contest.

Mariam managed to achieve FIFTH PLACE – an excellent achievement for her in one of her first international competitions.

Mariam was accompanied by club coach Neoklis Skouroumounis.

Congratulations to Mariam from the Cyprus Judo Federation – another athlete with a huge amount of potential for the future.

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!

Silver At U15 Balkan Judo Championship

Yiannos Antoniou receiving his SILVER medal in second place.

Yiannos Antoniou receiving his SILVER medal in second place.

Cyprus was represented as National Team at the U15 Balkan Judo Championship by two athletes – Sotiris Christodoulou from the Nicosia Judo Center in the under 73Kg category and Yiannis Antoniou from the Christodoulides Judo Academy in the over 73Kg category.

Sotiris fought well but was eventually beaten by the athlete from Bulgaria.

Yiannos fared better and reached the final with three solid wins.  In the final he came up against Mehmet Ali Akinci from Turkey – Yiannis had weighed in at 93Kg and Mehmet at 154Kg.  After a very close contest, Yiannos lost due to strength and weight, but took the SILVER medal.

An excellent win for Yianni and congratulations to him and his club on their medal.

The Federation would like to congratulate both athletes – once again, you made us proud!