More Competition News - IJF & EJU

Aristos Michael in action in blue

Aristos Michael in action in blue

More news from the IJF World Cup Tour and the EJU U18’s

IJF World Judo Tour

At the IJF Word Tour, Aristos Michael recorded a win against the athlete from El Salvador and then lost his next contest. Phidias Konnaris was going we’ll until being thrown for an Ippon. Both athletes fought well and the IJF World Tour is seen as one of the most difficult tournaments in the year.

EJU Under 18’s

Panagiotis Shakos recorded a win before losing out in his next contest in a group that had over 50 competitors. Janet Michaelidou also had a win, but was unable to proceed further when she lost her next contest.

Congratulations to all our athletes that took part in the two competitions this past weekend - you have done us proud by representing Cyprus and giving 100% in each contest. For those that won contests, there can be no better reward for all the hard work you put in and we are sure that you have all come away with great experience.