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European Judo Cup - Bratislava


This weekend also saw two more athletes from Cyprus in action at the European Judo Cup in Bratislava.

Aristos Michael and Andreas Papapetrou were both in the -81Kg category. 

First up was Aristo who came up against Yusup Bekmurzaev from Belarus.  Aristo was given a Shido penalty and the Belarusian (who finally earned second place and the silver medal) scored a Waza-Ari and held on for the remainder of the contest.

In the first round of the Repechage Aristo came up against Rober Trojnar from the Czech Republic. Aritos scored first with a Waza-Ari and then went on to hold on until the end of the contest.

Next up was Miguel Alves from Portugal who scored an Ippon in the third minute beating Aristo and proceeding to the next round.

Andreas came up against Jindrich Turek in his first contest who scored a Waza-Ari and then an Ippon.  Unfortunately, he did not proceed to the semi-final so Andreas competition ended here.

Both athletes fought well against very tough competition - congratulations to them both!

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!

World Championship – Tokyo, Japan


The most important event of the year in the Judo calendar is the World Championship that this year is being held in Tokyo, Japan.  With 835 competitors (506 men and 329 women) from 147 countries, it shows why this is such an important event.

Taking part in the competition was our athlete Christos Tricomitis in the -73Kg category – the second largest category with 90 athletes  After receiving a bye in the first round, Christos came up against the Turkish athlete Bilal Ciloglu.  The contest was close with both athletes attempting techniques.  Christos received a Shido penalty and then a second to take him close to losing the contest.  The contest continued with attacks from both athletes, but the referee gave Christos a third Shido for non-combativity in the third minute that meant he unfortunately lost the contest.  Ciloglu woe 2 more contests but lost to favourite Ono from Japan in the fifth round which meant that Christos did not proceed to the Repechage.

Well done to Christo for his brave effort – again our athletes did us proud!

Accompanying Christos was National Coach, Lavrentis Alexanidis.

Cyprus Judo Federation – We have A Dream!

Christos Tricomitis in blue

Christos Tricomitis in blue

Christos Tricomitis in blue

Christos Tricomitis in blue

Junior European Judo Cup - Ponzan, Poland

Georgios (blue) in action

Georgios (blue) in action

Representing Cyprus at the Junior European Judo Cup in Poznan, Italy this weekend was our athlete in the -90 Kg category, Georgios Krussanotakis from the Kyrenia Judo Union. The competition had 113 male athletes from 19 countries.

First up for Georgio was Bartosz Mackowski from Poland. Georgio scored a Waza-Ari and then towards the end of the four minutes an Ippon and proceeded to the next stage.

Gere he met Moritz Moser from Austria who Georgio beat in just over a minute with an Ippon.

In his third contest, Georgios came up agains Eniel Caroly from France, an athlete who had already got Gold at the Paks Junior European Cup this year and a very experienced athlete. After 54 seconds, Georgio was thrown for Ippon, but as Caroly went on to the final, Georgio went to the Repechage.

His frist contest there was against Kacper Kubiak from Poland. Although Georgio received 2 Shido penalties, he went on to win by Ippon half way through the fourth minute.

Next up was Martn Bezdek from the Czech Republic. Georgio scored a Waza-Ari, but in the ned lost with Ippon.

Georgio’s efforts earned him 7th place and a very respectable result against some very experienced European athletes and one again did Cyprus proud - well done Georgio!

Cyprus judo Federation - We Have A Dream!

IJF World Judo Tour – Zagreb, Croatia


The IJF World Judo Tour in Zagreb was also held this week – a Judo tournament that where 558 competitors (332 men and 226 women) from 87 countries took part. It is another very tough competition and one where our athletes gain valuable experience competing against some of the best in the world

Two athletes represented Cyprus at these games – Sofia Asvesta in the -52 Kg women and Georgios Kroussaniotakis in the -90 Kg men.

Sofia Asvesta wearing the white Judogi

Sofia Asvesta wearing the white Judogi

On day 1 it was Sofia’s turn. She came up against Tinka Easton from Australia in her first contest. After initially battling for grips, Sofia scored a Waza-Ari after just 20 seconds.  The next minute saw both athletes attacking and Easton receiving a Shido penalty.  With almost 2 minutes to go the Australian athlete scored a Waza-Ari levelling the scores. Sofia continued her attacks but was caught for a second Waza-Ari by Easton, giving her the win. Unfortunately, Easton was beaten in her next contest so Sofia did not proceed to the Repechage.

Georgios Kroussaniotakis wearing the white Judogi

Georgios Kroussaniotakis wearing the white Judogi

Day 2 saw Georgios in action against the Algerian athlete Abderrahmane Benamadi. The first minute saw the Algerian in a failed attack with both athletes going to Ne-Waza where they attempted techniques without success until Georgios was turned by the Algerian and held for 20 seconds – Ippon to the Algerian.  Once again, the Algerian lost two contests down the line which meant that Georgios did not progress to the Repechage.

Our athletes were accompanied by National Coach, Theodoros Mandritis,

 Though we might not have had any medals at the tournament, both athletes performed well and learn more and more with every appearance. Such high-level tournament is the only place where our athletes will gain experience, not only by competing, but by watching the contests as well.

Cyprus Judo Federation – We have A Dream!

European Youth Olympic Festival - Day 1


This week sees the European Youth Olympic Festival taking part in Baku, Azerbaijan where the Cyprus Olympic Committee took a team of sixteen athletes to represent Cyprus at the Games.  Of the sixteen, two of these athletes were from Judo!

The Judo contests alone had athletes from 40 European countries and a total of 297 athletes – 165 men and 132 women.

Representing Cyprus are Giorgios Balajiasvili in the -60 KG category and Panayiotis Shakkos in the -73Kg category – both categories of which had the highest number of athletes at 26 athletes per category.

It is worth noting that Giorgios was also chosen by the Cyprus Olympic Committee to be the flag bearer of Team Cyprus at the Opening Event – a singular honour and recognition of his accomplishments.

Day 1 saw Giorgios in action and first up was Olaf Loska from Poland. In a very close competition, Olaf received 2 Shido penalties and the contest went to Golden Score that lasted a mere 12 seconds when Giorgios threw him for Ippon.  Next up was Gustav Brovold from Norway.  The athlete from Norway received two Shido penalties and then was thrown by Giorgio in the third minute for Ippon and another win for our athlete.

His next opponent was Rizen Magomadov from Russia, a formidable opponent who this year had already got Gold in the Bielsko Biala Cadet European Cup and Bielsko Biala Cadet European Cup tournaments as well as Bronze in the European Cadet Championships.  The contest was very close with attacks from both athletes, but Giorgios was thrown for an Ippon at the end of the second minute.  Magomadov progressed to the Final so this made Giorgios eligible for the Repechage.

His first opponent here was Antonin Dvoracek from the Czech Republic who had got Bronze in the Koper Cadet European Cup in 2018.  Giorgios scored a Waza-ari and then a second one in the fourth minute to take him to the next round where he fought Andrejs Skomorohovs from Lativia – another tough competitor who this year had already gotten Gold at the Coimbra Cadet European Cup, fifth place at the European Cadet Championships and Bronze at the Teplice Cadet European Cup. This was a very fast and explosive contest with the Lativan scoring first with a Waza-Ari in the first 30 seconds before Giorgios threw him or Ippon at the end of the first minute.

 This took Giorgios to the contest for third place Bronze where he came up against Muhammed Demirel from Turkey who had gotten Silver at the European Cadet Championships this year and in 2018 had gotten Gold at the Antalya Cadets European Cup and Bronze at the European Cadets Championships.  The contest started with a lot of control from both athletes, but with Giorgios attacking more. this earnt the Turkish athlete a Shido for Non-Combativity in the first minute. At the end of the second minute, after attacks from both athletes Giorgios lifted his opponent for Ura-Nage and scored a huge Waza-Ari – unlucky not to be Ippon.  With 90 secinds to go the Turkish athlete received another Shido and this made him attack more to avoid disqualification.  With 20 seconds to go Giorgios received a Shido for a false attack and then the contest continued to Ne-Waza where Giorgios controlled his opponent on the ground until the time ran out.

BRONZE for Giorgios and Third place – an EXCELLENT result.

One thing to note, Giorgios won each of his contests with a different throw!

We would like to thank the Technical Director of the Federation, Christodoulos Christodoulides who accompanied Team Cyprus as Coach for the Judo athletes.

Giorgios did the Cyprus Judo Federation, the Cyprus Olympic Committee and our country proud with his Bronze medal.

The standard of the Judo in Cyprus is on the rise and we will ensure that it keeps getting better and better.  Our athletes, all of them, have a lot of potential and the Federation is behind them all the way.

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!


Balkan U13 Games – Part 2


The second day of the U13 Balkan Games saw more athletes who had travelled to Timisoara in Romania taking part and we had another medal!

First up was our athlete in the -52Kg Marina Azinou. She received a bye in her first contest and came up against the athlete from Turkey who she beat with an Ippon. Next up was an athlete from Romania who she beat with a Waza-Ari and this put her into the final where she came up against another athlete from Romania.  Marinia took just 20 second the throw her opponent with an Ippon and take the GOLD medal.

In the same category was Maria Michael who had an opponent from Bosnia Herzegovina in the first contest who she threw for an Ippon. In her second contest against the athlete from Greece she fought a very close match, but lost with a Waza-Ari. This put her in the Repechage. She went down to a Waza-Ari early on in the contest, but came back to level the scores with her own Waza-Ari. The other athlete then threw her for a second score and she lost with Waza-Ari Awazete Ippon.  This still gave Maria SEVENTH place.

Markelos Ioannou was in the -46Kg category where he came up against the athlete from Turkey.  It took two Waza-Ari for a Waza-Ari Awazete Ippon to beat him, but Markelo proceeded to the next round where he came up against the athlete from Romaina.  Markelo lost this by a Waza-Ari, but went into the Repechage against an athlete from Greece. Markelo fought well in a close contest, but in the end, he lost again by a Waza-Ari giving him SEVENTH place overall.

Along with the fifth place yesterday from Mariam Kotzia this gave us one first place Gold, one fifth place and two seventh places.

A very good showing in the U13 Balkan Games by our young athletes who had made the trip to Romania and a very good indication of what the future has in store for Cyprus Judo.

Accompanying the athletes were Club Coaches Neoklis Skouroumounis from Larnaca and Piero Leonida from Limassol.

Well done to all our athletes!

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!


Balkan U13 Games - Romania


One of our up-and-coming young talents Mariam Kotzia from the Skouroumounis Judo Club of Larnaca was in action this week in Romania at the Under 13 Balkan Games.

Mariam competed in the -28Kg category with athletes from Romania, Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

After winning her first contest Mariam then lost to the Romanian athlete and went into Repechage where she first fought the athlete from Greece who she beat and went to contest for third place with another athlete from Romania.  Mariam fought well, but in the end lost after an exciting and well fought contest.

Mariam managed to achieve FIFTH PLACE – an excellent achievement for her in one of her first international competitions.

Mariam was accompanied by club coach Neoklis Skouroumounis.

Congratulations to Mariam from the Cyprus Judo Federation – another athlete with a huge amount of potential for the future.

Cyprus Judo Federation – We Have A Dream!

European Men/Women


Last week saw one of the most difficult competitions on the European calendar – the Men & Women European Championship held in Minsk, Belarus.

There were 49 nations taking part with a total of 390 competitors.

Representing Cyprus were Rudolf Kourtides and Aristos Michael and accompanying them was National Coach, Lavrentis Alexanides.

Rudolf was first up in the -73Kg category and came up against the Latvian Demitrijs Fedosejenkovs who threw Rudolf at the end of the second minute for Ippon.

Next up was Aristo against the Polish competitor Damian Szwarnowiecki in the -81Kg category. Aristo fought well, but was penalised with Hansoku-make giving the win to the Pole.

This was a very tough competition and our athletes were there for experience and both of them fought well.

The Federation is proud of our athletes and wish them well in the competitions to come.