European Cadets Championship - Warsaw

Zanet, Petros, Georgios, Panagiotis and Team Coach Marinos

Zanet, Petros, Georgios, Panagiotis and Team Coach Marinos

This week we have the prestigious European Cadets Championship that was held in Warsaw, Poland where we have four athletes representing Cyprus.  This is another very difficult competition with 431 competitors from 39 countriestaking part and gives a good indication for the future European champions.

Representing the men were Petros Christodoulides in the -50Kg category, Georgios Balarjishvili in the -60Kg and Panagiotis Shakos in the -73Kg.  Representing the women was Zanet Michailidou in the +70Kg category.  Accompanying them as the Team Coach was Marinos Piponas from Kiti.

Day 1

First up was Petros who came up against the experienced athlete Antonio Polmo from Italy.  They fought a very close match where both athletes attacked and almost scored, but in the end, Petors lost in the third minute by Ippon – the experience of the Italian athlete showed here.

In the second biggest category, Georgios had the Hungarian Balint Marosi in his first contest, who had come third in the recent Cadet European Cup in Romania.  It took George less than 13 seconds to beat him with an Ippon!  In his next contest he had Viljar Lipard from Estonia that would go a lot longer.  In the third minute of the Golden Score, after 7 minutes of contest, Georgios threw the Estonian for Ippon, only for it to be cancelled by the Jury.  Twenty second later he threw him for Waza-Ari without any doubt and proceeded to the next round.  In his third contest, Georgios came up against Andrejs Skomorohovs from Latvia.  Georgios was tired from his previous match and fought well, but lost in the second minute. Georgios went into the repechage where he fought Maxim Baltat from Moldova. In the second minute Georgios threw Maxim for Ippon and proceeded to the next round where he met Andarbek Arsunukaev from Russia – number 1 on the rank list.  This was another contest that went to Golden Score and Georgios fought well against the Russian, but eventually he was thrown for an Ippon – the many tiring Golden Scores took their toll on him.  An EXCELLENT result for Georgios – SEVENTH in Europe Cadets – bravo!

Day 2

In the third biggest category, first contest for Panagiotis was with Stavros Doumas from Greece. Both athletes were very evenly matched with failed attempts of throws from both athletes.  The contest went to Golden Score where after 58 seconds, Panagiotis scored a Waza-Ari to proceed to the next round where he would meet Eijan Hajiyev from Azerbaijan.  The first two minutes were very close with no real advantage to either athlete.  In the third minute Hajiyev scored a Waza-Ari with a Sumi-Gaeshi. Panagiotis had the majority of attacks after that and in the last minute scored a Waza-Ari with a counter and then almost scored again with a hip technique with 29 seconds to go.  Then came the second Waza-Ari for Panagioti with a very strong O-Goshi taking him into the quarter finals against Luigi Centracchio, the fourth seed.  The Italian scored after 45 seconds with a Waza-Ari, but after 30 seconds Panagioti scored a Waza-Ari as well to level the scores.  Both athletes attacked continuously with near scores from both of them as the 4 minutes ran out and again we went to the gruelling Golden Score. After two good attacks by Panagioti, the Italian caught him and threw him for the winning score and a place in the semi-final whilst Panagioti went to the Repechage where his opponent was one of the strongest in the category, Jonathan Houkes from The Netherlands.  It took just 69 seconds for Panagioti to throw him for an Ippon with Maki-Komi and progressed to the next stage where he met Dzianis Yauseyenka from Belarus who lost to one of the semi-finalists – another strong player in the category and one with a distinct height advantage over Panagioti.  Both players started off strong and Yauseyenka strangled Panagioti after 70 seconds, but after a review by the Jury, the jacket was seen to be across his face and not his neck.  The Ippon was cancelled and the contest continued.  In the fourth minute Panagioti scored a Waza-Ari only to have it cancelled by the Jury – a harsh decision.  The four minutes ended and Golden Score started once again.  Both players attacked and nearly scored – Panagioti was stronger in Tachi Waza and the Belarusian stronger on the ground.  Both athletes were very evenly matched and both had 2 Shido penalties against them.  After NINE MINUTES AND EIGHT SECONDS of Golden Score, Panagioti received a third Shido and lost the contest.  An unfortunate result, especially when the score in the fourth minute of normal time looked valid.  Nevertheless, another EXCELLENT result for Panagioti – SEVENTH in Europe Cadets – bravo!

Day 3

Zanet had Liz Ngelebeya from France, a very experienced medal winning athlete in European competitions. The contest started well, but the athlete from France asserted herself and half way through the second minute threw Zanet for Ippon.  As she eventually got to the semi-finals, Zanet went into the Repechage where she came up against the athlete from Turley Hilal Ozturk.  She fared better here, but towards the end of the third minute was thrown for Ippon again.

 This championship was a testing ground for all our athletes.

 Petros in one of his first international tournaments held his ground against an experienced athlete and can be proud of his performance. Zanet also fought well against a much more experienced and medal winning athletes. Both athletes have a long future ahead of them and many things were learned over the weekend.

 Georgio and Panagioti were exceptional in all their contests and both of them earned a very deserved SEVENTH PLACE in European Cadets, further increasing their confidence that they can both compete at the highest level, holding the head up high and proudly wearing the flag of Cyprus.

 Congratulations to all our athletes – once again you did us proud and showed the rest of Europe that Cyprus has athletes that can take on the best in Europe.  The Federation would like to also thank team Coach, Marinos Piponas for taking the team to Poland and for all his hard work over the weekend.



Cadet European Judo Cup Bielsko Biala, Poland 2019

Poland team.jpg

Cyprus was represented at the Cadet European Cup in Poland this past weekend by 8 athletes.

The competition is another tough one with 350 male and 224 female competitors.

First up was Giorgios Balajiasvili in the -60 Kg category at his first international competition since his unfortunate injury at the Pancyprian championship and subsequent operation.  Giorgios started with an Ippon win against Illia Skaepau from Belarus and then another Ippon against Olaf Loska from Poland.  A third Ippon win against Maxim Baltat from Moldova saw Giorgios in the semi-final against Vladyslav Kazimov from Ukraine.  After a close contest, Giorgos lost by Ippon, but progressed to the third place contest against Kote Kapanadze of Georgia.  Giorgios fought well, but lost by Ippon in the third minute and claimed 5th place over all in the category – an excellent result for his first international competition for many months.

Petros Christodoulides fought in the -50 Kg category and in his first contest beat Yurii Kalinchyk from Ukraine with an Ippon after first going down to a Waza-ari from the Ukrainian.  In his second contest Petros lost to Akos Barczikay from Hungary with an Ippon, but went through to the Repechage where he fought Igor Blaszczak frm Poland beating him on a technical win, but then losing to Emile Merdin from Belgium by Ippon. Petros finished 9th over all in the category.

Christos Georghiou in the -66 Kg came up against Yamato Fukuda from Japan where he fought well, but lost by Ippon in the second minute, unfortunately he did not proceed any further in the tournament.

In the -66 Kg category, Spantios Orthodoxos fought Kevin Abeltshauser from Germany. After a close contest, Spantios lost by Ippon in the third minute – again he did not proceed any further.

Representing Cyprus in the -73 Kg category was Panagiotis Shakos who came up against Matvei Karas from Russia for his first contest.  This lasted the whole 4 minutes, but Panagiotis won with a Waza-ari. In his second contest he came up against Jarne Duyck from Belgium where he lost in the final minute with an Ippon. In the Repechage, Panagioti came up against Akaki Mumladze of Georgia where he lost by Ippon.

Alexey Gladyshev competed in the -90 Kg category where he first came up against Viachasiau Chuyashkov from Belarus.  Alexey scored first with a Waza-ari, but then lost to the athlete from Belarus with an Ippon.

In the -81 Kg category, Ilia Gladushev fought Vuk Bosnjak from Serbia where he beat him in the first minute with an Ippon.  In his second contest he fought Tymur Valieiev from Ukraine, but lost with a Waza-ari and subsequent Ippon.

Representing our women was Zanet Michailidou in the +70 Kg category where she came up against Szilvia Farkas from Hungary who unfortunately overpowered Zanet in the first minute with an Ippon.

The team was accompanied by Christos Christodoulides, Technical Director of the Federation.

All of our athletes from Cyprus fought very well against some very tough competitors and have gained some valuable experience from the competition as well as making us all proud.

Well done to all the atheletes!