IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar


Cyprus was represented at the International Judo Federation Refereeing and Coaching Seminar that was held in Mittersill, Austria this week by Kakia Lymperi and Giorgios Hadjithomas.

These seminars are essential as they outline any changes to the competition rules for the year ahead and allow referees from all over the world to get together, exchange ideas discuss all aspects of refereeing and forge new relationships between each other.


Presidential Awards


Yesterday, athletes from Judo attended the Presidential Awards Ceremony to honour the top athletes from many sports that was held at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia.

From Judo, we had our athletes Georgios Balajiasvili, Rudolf Kurtides, Panayiotis Shalos and Loucas Louca.

Accompanying the athletes were Sotos Tricomites, president of the Cyprus JUdo Federation (pictured separately with President Anastassiades), Christodoulos Christodoulides, Technical Director of the Cyprus Judo Federation, Werner Scholtz, Coach of the Paphos Judo Union and Marinos Piponas, Coach of the Kition Judo Club.

Congratulations to all our athletes for their recognition.

Pancyprian Cadets U13 & Cadets U18 Competition


The Pancyprian U13 Cadets and U18 Cadets championships were held today at the Lefkotheo Indoor Stadium in Nicosia.

Clubs from all over the country took part with some very strong and competitive Judo seen throughout the day.

Congratulations to all the clubs and Judoka that took part today.

Click HERE to see the photos on the Federation Facebook page.

More Competition News - IJF & EJU

Aristos Michael in action in blue

Aristos Michael in action in blue

More news from the IJF World Cup Tour and the EJU U18’s

IJF World Judo Tour

At the IJF Word Tour, Aristos Michael recorded a win against the athlete from El Salvador and then lost his next contest. Phidias Konnaris was going we’ll until being thrown for an Ippon. Both athletes fought well and the IJF World Tour is seen as one of the most difficult tournaments in the year.

EJU Under 18’s

Panagiotis Shakos recorded a win before losing out in his next contest in a group that had over 50 competitors. Janet Michaelidou also had a win, but was unable to proceed further when she lost her next contest.

Congratulations to all our athletes that took part in the two competitions this past weekend - you have done us proud by representing Cyprus and giving 100% in each contest. For those that won contests, there can be no better reward for all the hard work you put in and we are sure that you have all come away with great experience.


Silver for Georgios!


Congratulations to our athlete Giorgios Balarjishvili who came away from the European U18’s with a SILVER MEDAL!!!

With 4 wins from 53 athletes in total Georgios managed to reach the finals of the -60Kg category where he narrowly missed out on gold, losing by a wha-ari to Victor Van Gerven from the Netherlands.

With wins at World and European championships, Georgios has earned his place in the world judoka rankings.

With 2 wins and narrowly missing out on 3rd place or champion Loucas Louca came 9th in the same -60Kg category.

Gaining vital experience from his contests was our athlete Stylianos Yiasoumi who came away with hopes for the future.

The Federation would like to thank coach Marinos Pipona for all his help and coaching at the competition.

Congratulations to Georgios on his silver medal and to all our other athletes!